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1.Genomic evidence for speciation with gene flow in broadcast spawning marine invertebrates

2.Impact of COVID-19 on Saudi neurosurgery residency: trainers’ and trainees’ perspectives

3.Determinants of surgical remission in prolactinomas: a systematic review and meta-analysis

4.Directional deep brain stimulation of the posteromedial hypothalamus for refractory intermittent explosive disorder: a case series using a novel neurostimulation device and intraoperative microdialysis

5.Turbulence intensity as an indicator for ischemic stroke in the carotid web

6.Cerebrospinal fluid output as a risk factor of chronic hydrocephalus following aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage

7.Neurosurgical outcomes, protocols and resource management during lockdown: An early institutional experience from one of world’s largest COVID 19 hotspots

8.The influence and meaning of the birth environment for nulliparous women at a hospital-based labour ward in Sweden: An ethnographic study

9.Hot spots of extreme precipitation change under 1.5 and 2 °C global warming scenarios

10.Influential mechanism of water occurrence states of waste-activated sludge: specifically focusing on the roles of EPS micro-spatial distribution and cation-dominated interfacial properties

11.Degradation and transformation of norfloxacin in medium-pressure ultraviolet/peracetic acid process: An investigation of the role of pH

12.Eutrophication increases deterministic processes and heterogeneity of co-occurrence networks of bacterioplankton metacommunity assemblies at a regional scale in tropical coastal reservoirs

13.Planar magnetron discharge with confinement of injected electrons

14.Cost-effectiveness of infant respiratory syncytial virus preventive interventions in Mali: A modeling study to inform policy and investment decisions

15.Effectiveness of a single dose of Japanese encephalitis vaccine among adults, Assam, India, 2012–2018